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From 1984 to 2009, he was owner and principal of Designlab, a Copenhagen-based, award-winning design consultancy specialized in wayshowing and branding. Mollerup (surname) Per (given name) Designers from Denmark; Writers from Denmark 2013-11-12 by Per Mollerup. Publication Date: 1997-by 30-day views-total views-followers. 0 Following × Close 2015-07-16 Per Mollerup is similar to these people: Poul Henningsen, Karin Hindsbo, Jesper Møller (mathematician) and more. Topic. Per Mollerup.

Per mollerup

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liked it 3.00 · Rating details · 3 ratings · 1 review. How some design appears to be something that it is not--by beautifying, amusing, substituting,  16 Dec 2020 PDF | On Dec 31, 2013, Veronika Egger published Wayshowing > Wayfinding Basic & Interactive. Per Mollerup | Find, read and cite all the  Per Mollerup (20 February 1942) is a Danish designer, academic, and author. He is known for his emphasis on simplicity in design and for his wayshowing  Buy Simplicity A Matter of Design by Per Mollerup from Boffins Books in Perth, Australia. Hardcover, published in 2015 by Bis Publishing. In this spirit, Per Mollerup discusses information design with great clarity. Each of the data displays included is explained in such a way as to clarify the  2016.

He has written various books on design, including Marks of Excellence: The History and Taxonomy of Trademarks, Collapsible: The Genius of Space-Saving Design, Wayshowing: A Guide to Environmental Signage Principles and Practices and Collapsibles: A Design Album of Space-saving … Per Mollerup Artifacts are man-made answers to man-felt needs. Researchers and authors have described the answers, needs, values, processes, and economies involved. Per Mollerup (20 February 1942) is a Danish designer, academic, and author.

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Reviews "Expanded with more than 500 new images and an additional 80 pages of material, Marks of Excellence is a great reference book for those working in branding, advertising, and design as well as those interested in the history of your favorite Per Mollerup uses these different motives – functionality, aesthetics and ethics – as an organising principle for the book, and introduces a wide range of sources and examples." - Eye magazine Specs: ISBN: 978 90 6369 402 9 Author: Per Mollerup Format: hardcover Dimensions: 29.5 x 16 cm Pages: 192 Per Mollerup. Books by Per Mollerup published by The MIT Press. Pretense Design. SHARE: SMS; Related Articles.

Per mollerup

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Branding som kulturellt fenomen (Naomi Klein).

Per mollerup

SHARE: SMS; Related Articles. Be the first to know! We’ll send you the latest updates from Per Mollerup. We’ll send you the latest updates from Per Mollerup.
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Han har bl.a. skrevet bøgerne ”Marks of Excellence” og ”Wayshowing>Wayfinding”.

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Simplicity: A Matter of Design – Per Mollerup – Bok

Per Mollerup is the author of Marks of Excellence (4.19 avg rating, 133 ratings, 8 reviews, published 1997), Wayshowing > Wayfinding (4.30 avg rating, 20 giver dig rolleinformation om Per Mollerup. Se personens roller (6) og relationer (9) i erhvervslivet - og hvilke brancher Per Mollerup er aktiv i. Per Mollerup – PowerNotes. Posted on 14/10/2013 by Robert Egger. PowerNotes – Slide Presentations Reconsidered Author: Professor Dr.Tech. Per Mollerup.